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Freedom Mortgage has recently announced a new product called ‘Glidepath’. This product is a refinanced version of their popular Homeowner’s Loan product. While offering refinanced mortgages, Freedom mortgage has also expanded into the business of selling debt management plans and investment opportunities. Purchasing this refinanced product from freedom mortgage through a broker gives you access to information not normally available to the general public. The freedom mortgage company has negotiated deals with many banks to offer low-interest rates and balloon payments as well as pay off your debt in less than five years.

Purchase of property with a debt management plan from freedom mortgage lenders involves only one set of closing costs after the mortgage has been paid off. Purchase of this home from freedom mortgage lenders also provides free homeowner counseling to guide the homeowners through the process. In fact, there are many free HUD-approved guides available online to help prospective homeowners understand foreclosure prevention options and other important financial resources. With the assistance of a mortgage broker, homeowners have access to information that was not available to the general public or even to housing counselors. These brokers are also familiar with many government programs that are available to help homeowners with financial assistance including, but not limited to, loan modifications, FHA loans, and free counseling.

While freedom mortgage offers free homeowner education and advice on financial issues, the purchase of this home does not give the buyer a license to act as a bank. Homebuyers must follow the guidelines of the lender and remain timely with loan repayments. They must not use this home for any purpose which is not for personal and family use. If they violate these principles, they may be subject to foreclosure. One of the most important factors that a borrower must consider when buying real estate is whether or not he or she will be able to qualify for government mortgage assistance in the future. If so, the borrower should research every aspect of the purchase of the home including the property tax liability as well as any title or deed restrictions.

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