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Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance Group is an American insurance group of farms, homes, and other small businesses and provides various other insurance and financial products to these entities. Farmers Insurance boasts nearly 48,000 independent and exclusive brokers and over 21,500 employees. The company also features a network of financial and life insurance providers that can be used for a wide variety of clientele, including life, farm, heart, home, and many other insurance products and services. This insurance group is recognized as one of the leading providers of life and death insurance in the United States. Farmers Insurance was named after a tract of land where a market was once located, which today is the City of Iowa.

Today Farmers Insurance still serves millions of customers, providing a variety of insurance solutions for every kind of need. There are many types of claims that can be made by Farmers Insurance, and if you have been a customer for more than a few years, you can always request a free rate quote. As a trusted insurer with a history of serving customers, Farmers Insurance will work to settle any complaints and make sure they never happen again.

For Farmer Insurance customers, things might not be as good as they seem. As a matter of fact, the company is experiencing a number of consumer complaints about their services, and some of those problems have nothing to do with coverage. One Kentucky homeowner found out that after she had been receiving missed payments and had been contacted three times by Farmers Insurance, she had finally received a written offer from the company to settle her claim. In addition, complaints about the company have been coming in thick and fast since at least the mid-2000s.

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